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Day 1 - "Little Circle Around Karlovci" – Explore the very core of Sremski Karlovci. The main focal point is the 'Four Lions' fountain. Legend has it that everyone who drinks water from it is destined to return to Karlovci. Check out the lookout which is very close to the city centre, but it does take 200 steps to reach the top. However, it is well worth the while as a gorgeous vista over Karlovci lends itself to view. Continue on to the 'Royal Garden' complex. You will see a myriad of protected tree species, deciduous and evergreen alike. Circle back down to the city centre and take a look at the Gymnasium of Karlovci, Orthodox Cathedral of St Nicholas, the Patriarchal Court, The Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity and the Homeland Museum of Sremski Karlovci. Visit the Veselinovic family cellar where you will be faced with a very hard choice – which brandy to try? Free tip – quince brandy is the best. You can have lunch at 'Bermet' restaurant, coffee at 'Four Lions'. Danube's riverbank is only 400 metres away which makes it perfect for a lovely after-lunch walk. Once there, you can go swimming on a nearby island like many of our guests. Upon return, the scent of grilled fish from the 'Carda' restaurant will entice you to dinner. Visit the 'Bajilo' winery or the Patriarchy wine cellar.

Day 2 – "The Monasteries of Fruska Gora" – Take a day to visit the monasteries of Fruska Gora by car or taxi. You will see Remeta, Krusedol and Grgeteg which are all within the 20  km radius. Enjoy the peace and the natural beauty of the waterfall formed by the stream running near Remeta monastery and amazing viewpoints overlooking Backa and Macva ( depending on which side of the road you pause ). The beauty of the Fruska Gora forest  near Grgeteg monastery is simply breathtaking. You can have finger-licking lamb or barbecue for lunch at 'Zavicaj' restaurant. 

Day 3 – "The Big Circle Around Karlovci" – Start the day by going for a walk to the Chapel of The Virgin Mary of Peace ( here, the round table was used for the first time in the world of diplomacy for negotiations when Austria-Hungary and Turkey signed the Karlovci Peace Treaty after centuries old war ).Visit the Matchbox Museum or the Homeland German Society Museum. Climb to the second lookout at the chapel on Simobreg. From there, you can see the flowing Danube valley, Backa, places like Kac, Budisava and Kovilj, the Kovilj Monastery and the Beska bridge over Danube. Your return trip will take you through the street of wine houses. You can visit several wineries (Kis, Dulka, Vinum, Kasovic...) Take your pick, visit one or more. In any case, it will be easy to reach your  home-sweet-home in Karlovci – Rooms Gajic – you will be going downhill anyway.

Day 4 - " Novi Sad" – Visit Novi Sad. It will take you only 20 minutes by car to reach the capital of Vojvodina. You can visit museums, galleries, shopping malls, the park or take a walk on the main promenade. You can have a breather at the 'Vremeplov' confectionery with lemonade and cake. Make sure to leave some room, though, because the 'City' cake shop will tempt you to try their famous ice-cream as well. You can stroll across the Varadin bridge, make a right and, in two shakes of a lamb's tail, you will find yourself on the Petrovaradin Fortress where you can marvel at the Novi Sad panorama embraced in a romantic sunset.

Day 5 – "Fruska Gora" – We recommend that you walk to Strazilovo ( 4,5 km ). You can also drive there if you are not sure of your stamina. Strazilovo is a well-known resort and picnic area on Fruska Gora where you can also visit the grave of Branko Radicevic ( famous Serbian poet ). To reach the memorial, the uphill path will lead you through the beautiful deciduous forest and you will be able to read more about the protected flora and fauna of Fruska Gora along the way. The view from the top will offer a majestic panorama of the docile mountain. In the foothill of the mountain, on your way back, you can rest in the 'Brankov Cardak' restaurant. There you can gather your thoughts and contemplate whether or not you have the strength to go up another hill to the Mountaineering Hut or visit the 'Veritas' winery on your way back to Karlovci. Do not miss the opportunity to go to Ms Kata's cake shop and claim your piece of kuglof, the traditional cake of Karlovci. You will ask Kata for her original recipe with the taste of your first mouthfull. You can spend the evening in the old wine cellar of the Apatovic family in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can taste their brand of red and white wine, as well as the famous beverage called bermet, a magic potion of sorts, unique to Sremski Karlovci. You cannot leave Karlovci without bringing with you the kuglof cake and a bottle of quality wine or bermet.

Other Activities You Can Plan
- fishing - visit the sporting grounds - bike-riding - go for a boat or catamaran ride - swimming and sunbathing on the island
Stay a couple of extra days and you get to do everything.
Also, it is very important to know when to schedule your visit.


Annual Events In Sremski Karlovci

January – Christmass Festivities -  burning of the Yule log, mulled vine, brandy, dried fruits and apples

February – St Valentine's Day - spend a romantic evening in one of the local restaurants

March – Women's Day – have a great time at a restaurant with tambura bend (special string band comprised of many different string instruments)

April – Easter festivities – religious holiday
          Start of the eco-tourist season, Radulovacki Eco Centre, catamaran ride on the Danube,
workshops for children

May  "Wine Days" – wine festival accompanied by appropriate music show
           "Night of the Museums" – open exhibitions in the museums of Sremski Karlovci
           Sacijada – lamb-roasting competition

June – Kuglof  Days – national cake festival
           Eco camps for children: 'Cvetoljub' , 'Drvoljub' , 'Pceloljub' ( We love flowers, trees and bees )

July – Exit festival – international music festival
         Island Festival – electronic music night fests on the Danube island

August "Korneliju u cast" – choir competition
              Eco camps for children: "Buboljub"' and "Medoljub" ( We love beetles and honey )

September – "Grozdjebal" - Grape Harvesting Festival

                    "Brankovo Kolo" – poetry festival

October   "Vigil of the Soul" – film festival

November – Music competition for gifted students

December   " All Our Ornaments" – making of ornaments and decorating the Christmas tree, 'Pokret Gorana' from Novi Sad

                  New Year's Eve – celebrate the New Year's Eve over a festive dinner and music show in restaurants or in the main town square with live music by tambura bends


Welcome to “Rooms Gajić” in Sremski Karlovci

Ivana Savić

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